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NEW as of June 2007: 24'x20' Mobile Concert Stage Complete With Roofing System
This unit can be rented solely by the day/week or incorporated with our concert sound, lighting, novelty inflatables, audio visual & more!
A great way to offer sponsors that visual they are looking for!
New Stage

Mobile Stage Includes:

�� Floor 24’ x 20’
�� Floor height 3’6’’ to 5’’
�� Roof trussing system with 24’ x 20’ covering
�� Load bearing capacity 1000 lbs
�� (2 )Sound rigging towers to fly sound on either side of stage(up to 2500 lbs)
�� (1) 4’ x 24’ Horizontal banner support
�� Fire-retardant wind-wall on either side of stage
�� Black front skirting 
�� Black wind-wall backdrop
�� (1) stairway with handrail
�� (1) Stage ramp
�� (2) Stage Supervisor’s 4 hours set up & tear down

When it comes to live sound, Parties Unlimited Entertainment & Sound Company will not claim to be the best -we will let you say that after we provide the sound for your venue, concert, or festival. Unlike some other companies, Parties Unlimited pays great "attention to detail". Live sound involves so many facets beyond what the listeners hear. The sound crew has taken the time to educate themselves in every aspect of providing live sound. When we provide live sound, we like to pass on some of that education to the people we work with. We will not only explain what we are doing, but we will educate you as to why we are doing the things we are doing.

We truly care about the requirements in riders and have thus built an inventory around some of the most demanding and particular riders in the business. The factor that puts Parties Unlimited above the competition is that we acknowledge that in order to provide the best sound it takes more than just having the best equipment. We are a company that can provide everything including temporary electric, superior sound, staging and intelligent lights. To us, there is no "most important" part of live sound, because in order to achieve the best sound, every part has to be treated like it is the most important. We take into consideration the potential size of the event, the type of event, the atmosphere surrounding the event, and the needs of the entertainers. We pay as much attention to the sound quality of the monitors as we do to the speakers and subs that the audience hears.

At Parties Unlimited we strive for perfection and improvement. Just when you think your event couldn't get bigger and better, Parties Unlimited comes in and proves you wrong. No matter how good an event is, we are always thinking of ways to improve the next one. Whether it be an added element, an upgrade in equipment, or a larger staff, we will always try to improve our overall performance.
Outside of the standard equipment for outfitting a live sound venue like speakers, sound boards, monitors and microphones, here is what Parties Unlimited has to offer that puts us in a class of our own:
***A Licensed Electrician is on staff.
***A Sound Technician will be at all live sound events the entire time to monitor all systems.

Our Inventory Includes:
**Several thousand feet of Entertainment Grade Cable, which is impervious to chemicals, heat, weather, and other hazards. Equally important it is to Federal Code.
**Dozens of Distributions. Including 200 Amp, 100 Amp, and 50 Amp Spider Boxes which are all also to Federal Code.
We have the ability to supply any event with Temporary Electric from a small festival to a 100 Booth Convention.

We will give you one price for the entire event, we will not and do not charge by the foot like many other companies do.


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